Zara sandals.

I haven't written for ages, but I haven't either promised to write every day.
I ve understand two things. First - imma a shopaholic. Second (appears from the first) - I should post my purchases the day I go shopping, but not to delay it to the day-that-never-comes.
So, I ll try to fulfill this promise and now I wanna present my new sandals.

They are so CUTE, I can't stop smiling ))
In fact, they are not too bright or superwow, but I m  happy I ve bought them both, bcs it s so hard for me to find MY pair of shoes, sandals in particular.
I m not presenting looks, just pics now.
1. nude ones, but they are more beautiful in reality )32 euro.

2. I was hesitating for a while, but then grabbed them as a real shop addict )) I think they ll fit every casual look with jeans. Zara TRF, 38euro.

Have fun )

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